Keep an eye on your assets

MyPortfolius is aiming to be a platform on which you will be able to visualise the performance of all your investments at the same place.

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The problem that we are currently seeing is that many investors have assets spread over multiple exchanges.

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The current solutions are either too expensive, complicated to use, or don’t have enough security.

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This is why we want all of the basic features to be free, and any data collected will be securely stored in Switzerland (for the Beta version it will be stored in your browser).


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Secured in Switzerland
Data in Switzerland

Your data is safely stored in Switzerland, and all energy consumption is offset for double of its value.

No Paywall
No Paywall

All of the basic features required to view your portfolio will be free, only the advanced and specifics will be premium.

Account statement-friendly
Account statement-friendly

If the platforms you use does not have an API, you will be able to upload your transaction history to MyPortfolius


Q3 - 2021

Preparation and recruitment

Q4 - 2021

Studying and Development

Q1 - 2022

Development and Testing


Beta launches


Implementing other exchanges


Official launch